Micro Hair Pigmentation

Micro hair pigmentation (MHP) is a non-surgical treatment.
Thanks to the latest technology, we have been able to simulate a fuller hair growth.
Our pigments are highly pure and free of heavy metals, nickel and AZO’s.
Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, these pigments to anyone of application.

Appropriate for:
– Those who wish to leave existing thinner hair optically closer look
– When transplantation is not an option
– After transplantation are not satisfied with the result
– Want a shaven look in full to partial baldness
– Scars to camouflage the hair

– Pigments are biodegradable
– Free painless treatment
– Immediate results
– Continue for 1 to 2 years

By using a special micro hair pigmentation (trycopigmentatie) technique, the illusion can be made of shaved hair, the “shaved look. This is only possible for those who wear their hair at +/- 1 mm in length and hold.

Ideal for:
– Those who are not eligible for a hair transplant (baldness progressed too far)
– People who always wear the hair very short but want fuller
– Alopecia Areata Patients

– About 2 years, after freshening up is needed. This freshening costs € 145, – per hour and is expected to last two hours.

– Organic pigments created WITHOUT heavy metals
– Specially developed its pigmentation needles for extra fine micro ‘hair stubble’

In order to camouflage scars on the head
Do you have a scar on the head that you want to appear less visible? Then hair pigmentation for this purpose an ideal treatment. Due to the difference in color to be taken away between the scar and the hairs surrounding the scar is virtually invisible. This technique lends itself very well for camouflaging FUT scars.

Better optical density for men and women
This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to visually appear fuller existing hair. No daily maintenance required. This treatment gives about 2 years result. A specialized biological ink is introduced into the upper layer of the skin in order to simulate small stubble. The advantage of introducing in the upper layers of the skin is that the treatment is not permanent, such as a conventional tattoo. There will have to be a little treatment about 1 once a year. In order to simulate the hairs is used a high-level computer-controlled pen which looks up the appropriate skin layer and is provided with a microscopically fine needle. The treatment is virtually painless and leaves no scars.

MPH for Ladies
MHP Micro Hair Pigmentation by renova clinic in The Hague is also very suitable for ladies to bald or thinning areas to mask her. Hair transplants are a costly expense while low MHP application may be benefits to unpack. Allows you reach directly more compaction on the scalp which is therefore less visible. Also, many women with afro hair often miss in sleep the required amount of hair. This is mainly due to the hair often to “relax” and / or in combination with the hair too tightly comb back. Again, we offer solutions for and may well mimic your hair structure so pretty with your hair coincide.

Micro hair pigmentation versus classic tattoo
– No permanent ink
-No fading to blue
– Biodegradable ink
– Pigments are less deeply placed
– An anesthetic cream is applied, so the treatment is pain free
– Do not leave scars
– Almost immediately result

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it look real?
Yes, the MHP technology is almost not to distinguish with real ones. however, essential that the treating clinic has enough experience and expertise in the field of Micro Hair Pigmentation

Is the color per person to adjust?
Yes, the color can be customized to the individual.
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