Carboxytherapie is an injectable treatment for skin rejuvenation. Also in the case of dark circles under the eyes, fine lines, stretch marks, acne and cellulite scars this therapy is possible.

The treatment

It is a treatment involving subcutaneous carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is injected with injections. This is an extremely safe method to rejuvenate the skin and improve and stimulate circulation.

The injection of the carbon dioxide will ensure that red blood cells that co2 (oxygen) through the lungs by our entire body transporting be stimulated locally. The carboxytherapie thus assures that the red blood cells deliver oxygen to the treated area. CO2 penetrates the red blood cells, reacts with oxygen thus HCO3 (hydrogen carbonate) is generated. This again lowers the pH in the red blood cells. The lower the pH value, the more oxygen can be released from the oxyhemoglobin.

The released oxygen is absorbed by the tissue cells and activates the metabolism. More oxygen means increased and accelerated tissue regeneration. Generally, the more oxygen, the more intense the cell metabolism and the stronger the self-healing ability of the skin in cases of eg skin aging, dark circles and scars.


Carboxytherapie is applied to the face and outside face.

– Application in the face
– Reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
– Reduces crow’s feet and fine wrinkles
– Tightens sagging skin by stimulating collagen production

Application outside the face.

– Reduces sagging skin and wrinkles in the neck and décolleté
– Reduces stretch mark scars
– Reduces local cellulitis


Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the body and in the air. The use of carbon dioxide with subcutaneous injections is very safe and is widely recommended by a growing group of doctors. Carboxytherapie is not recommended in several medical conditions such as pregnancy. Therefore, an intake with an expert is necessary to exclude possible contraindications. If you ibuprofen, anticoagulant medication, omega 3 and vitamin E have been taken prior to the treatment, you have a higher risk of bruising at the site of the injections.

Skin reaction

Immediately after the treatment you can briefly some swelling, roodheid and sensitivity experienced. This usually disappears after one day. Sometimes, a blue spot may develop at the site of the injection. This pulls within a few days. Avoid during two weeks of contact with direct sunlight.
For the best results:
6-10 treatments *

* This is an average indication. This can differ per person and skin type. Consult the specialist what to expect


To avoid disappointment on the results, we recommend that prior to treatment a consultation.
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