Luxe Anti-aging Gezichtsbehandeling

At the anti aging treatment skin care is thus not obsolete your skin.

Because of the treatment, the skin is stimulated in order to create a better blood circulation and the production of collagen and the skin cleaned to clean the pores. During treatment use various products that ensure the skin stays looking young.

Luxury Anti-aging facial treatment with vitamin booster 75 minutes

– Cleaning
– Peeling
– Removal of impurities
– mask 1
– mask 2
– Plucking of the eyebrows
– Cervical, neck and facial massage
– Vitamin booster with vitamin C,
– vitamin booster with collagen
– Vitamin booster with hialuronzuur
– Closing with a nourishing day cream

all facial of 3 zones face, neck, decollete
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